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ITALIAN GREYHOUNDS - 4 Rotating Scenes


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Honor Your Canine Pal with Italian Greyhound Checks

Do you love your Italian Greyhound? Do you feel bad when you have to leave him behind? Now you’ll always have a reminder of him right in your checkbook when you carry beautiful Italian Greyhound checks!

Of all the sight hounds, the Italian Greyhound is the smallest and only weighs about 18 pounds. Although he is technically a “toy” breed, he is still larger than most of the other dogs in this category. While small, the Italian Greyhound is still a true genetic greyhound and has a bloodline that goes back to over 2000 years. As part of the Greyhound line, they can run up to 25 miles per hour and have a high stepping and free gait, kind of like that of a horse’s.

As any Italian Greyhound owner knows, these are great companion dogs and they love being around people. They like quietness but they also enjoy being active and running and playing. Of course, they do love to run!

The breed gets its name from the popularity it enjoyed during the Italian Renaissance. Some mummified dogs that are similar have been discovered in Egypt and images of small Greyhounds have been discovered in Pompeii. Italy. In fact, they might have been the only accepted companion-dog in Pompeii. They were recorded as having been seen around Emperor Nero's court in Rome, too.

It is thought that the breed originated more than 4,000 years ago in Greece and Turkey since art depicting these miniature greyhounds has been found in the archaeological discovery of small greyhound skeletons. Throughout Southern Europe the breed grew in popularity and was later a favorite of the Italians of the sixteenth century. They arrived in England in the seventeenth century. Catherine the Great was painted with her Italian Greyhound, Zemire while Giotto, Velazquez, and Pisanello also included them in paintings.

If you love your Italian Greyhound then you’ll love the beautiful check series that are on hand to choose from. These usually come with rotating images so that each check you write will be different from the one before it.

There are also coordinating accessories that can be purchased at an additional cost with many of the check series. A matching leather checkbook cover and address labels are fun to use and look at and practical as well.

Making a special trip to your bank in the past could be a hassle. Now, however, you can order your Italian Greyhound checks from the comfort of your own home when you use a reliable website. Not only can you save as much as 50% off the cost of your checks-you’ll have tons of designs to choose from. You are no longer limited by the narrow selection of check designs that you once were.

Carrying beautiful checks that you’re proud to use has never been easier. With the different Italian Greyhound series you’ll always have the checks you want at a price that you can actually afford. Writing checks has never been as much fun!

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